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Be Cancer: Feel, Nurture, Nest

Every Astrological Sign has it’s high side and it’s shadow. We are learning how to live our Sign to it’s fullest. If Cancer is one of the major themes in your life, it might be fun to ponder…

How do you want BE in your sign?

How do you want to grow into your sign?

Cancer babies are Water Element souls. The Cancer motto is “I feel.”
Cancer teaches

— Feel! Ride the wave of emotion. Honor your emotions by naming them and understanding them. Listen to the wisdom of your emotional guidance system.
— Nurture! Nurturing is bringing love for others into action. It’s a communication and offering of love. Cancer does it best.
— Nest! Create a sense of home and family. Connect to your ancestors. Build a base, a nest, or a cove that shelters you and helps you feel centered, so that you can feel and nurture to your heart’s content!

Cancer wants to excel at expressing the language of the heart. During this workshop we will explore Cancer themes through lecture and discussion. Then through the experience of group hypnosis, we will bring the Cancer magic inward— directly into our subconscious minds. This shift will help you create the positive changes in your life that you want to make now! We will be calling in all that is Cancer. Navigating emotions skillfully, nurturance, security, creating a sense of family and home, ancestral connections and aligning with the cycles of the Moon.

This workshop is for anyone who feels called to explore the Cancer theme. Maybe you are a Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising, maybe your chart is ruled by the Moon or you have a loaded 4th house— if Cancer themes feel relevant for you right now, please join us!

Pre-Register $40, Day of $45


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