We use Astrology to understand ourselves on deeper levels.

We use Hypnosis to make the changes we want to make.

What mystery are you ready to unlock about yourself?

What pattern are you yearning to change?



I’ve been over, under, around and through. When I experienced my Saturn Return, (around age 29), I hit the wall. I had never hit a wall like this before. All of my old “tools” weren’t working anymore. I couldn’t keep trying to make everyone else happy, while denying my own needs. There just wasn’t enough of me left to pass around. I had to start taking a stand. And then another stand. And then another one. I had to learn about boundaries. And I had to start challenging my good ole’ comfy beliefs about the world.

 I broke myself open.

I found that the real adult world was more magical and alive then I could have ever dreamed. I found that expansion is possible. I found that I didn’t have to cram myself into a tiny space. I found that I can be me. Just me. And it’s okay. I’m safe. I’m worthy. I deserve. And you do too.



During a session with Sandy...

Are you wondering about calling in the right love, or where your career is going? These are examples of topics we might work with. I'm capable of helping you through big problems, no matter what that problem is.

Are you wondering about calling in the right love?

If we are are using Astrology: 

We will look at your relationship YES’s. (What type of person is a phenomenal match for you?) We will look at timing— are there blocks right now? What do they mean? What is the underlying lesson? What lesson are you primed to learn? Or, are there moments that would be best for you to get out there and magnetize your attraction poles?

If we are using Hypnosis:

We will dig into your love patterns. What are the roots? We will co-create suggestions for change. We will work on clearing out old relationship residue that is ready to MOVE. Through hypnosis you will have the opportunity to make changes by opening new doorways in your mind.


Are you wondering about career?

If we are using Astrology:

We will look at your aptitudes, purpose and joy. We’ll check out the timing. What are the lessons that are on deck for you now? How can you work with your gifts and challenges most efficiently?

If we are using Hypnosis:

We’ll dive into your money stories, your worth stories, your scarcity stories. Do you feel that you deserve to be alive? That you are worthy? That things come easily to you? That there’s enough to go around? That you are supported? That you are safe? These are the big ones. But there might be others. We will explore and together we’ll create the right suggestions for change. You can discover that you’ve got what it takes.

There are so many different topics we can cover. We aren't limited to love and career. What's on your mind? Let's talk. 

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