Praise for Strong Eye Astrology

This was my first reading with Sandy. She definitely confirmed so many things that have been going on lately in my life and in general throughout my entire life. It was very reassuring to hear her words and she gave me great advice. Excited for my next visit!
— Vanessa Mojica-Franzese
I received my first session with Strong Eye Astrology as a gift- it was great! The space was peaceful and relaxing and easy to get to from LIC. I found the reading to by informative and inspiring. I particularly liked how Sandra gave practical suggestions to ground the insights from the chart in actions, and at the same time is gifted at seeing the larger patterns and deeper meaning in my chart. I’m looking forward to going back.
— K.L.

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I’ve had two readings with Sandy, a natal chart reading and a follow up reading. She has an informed and clear way of breaking down elements of the chart so the patterns and archetypes make sense and resonate. I found her readings intuitive and also practical. I highly recommend her readings for anyone interested in learning more about their chart and how those patterns manifest in their lives.
— S.L.
Reinforcement: This was my first reading with Sandy and it was very comforting to see patterns that I’ve noticed in my life, reinforced in my natal chart. It made me feel that there was some basis for aspects of myself that I’ve experienced over the years. Additionally, seeing the patterns laid out in front of me on Sandy’s chart, I felt, for the first time, the possibility of changing them. Or at least accepting them and working within their context.
— C.S.
I absolutely loved working with Sandra as we took a look at my solar year. It was so powerful to have a road map to my soul and to connect the stars to how my energy is manifesting itself. It’s so helpful and empowering to understand the context through which we love, create, and feel. Sandra helped me to see myself clearly through guidance as well as listening. The process gave me a sense of acceptance and understanding for my place in the world at this moment. Thank you for an amazing reading!
— Kalisa Augustine
I had my first astrology reading ever with Sandra and it was helpful and inspiring. Leaving her space I had much to work on, read and consider. Sandra indicated at the beginning of the session that she wanted it to feel like a dialogue and I thought “I want to hear what you want to say and keep my big mouth shut.” However, as she gave information I was more and more able to participate with questions and stories that made the time ultimately more valuable. I highly recommend a session with her.
— Carl Danielson