During this reading we will discuss the “weather of your life.” We'll talk about: 


What makes your life flow-y and easy. 

What challenges you face.

Major themes in your life.

Your purpose.

Your life areas, (relationships, career, health, etc.)

Your early wounds.

Your personality.

How to get into the best possible vibration, create your vision, and manifest it.



What’s the weather like now? 

What’s currents and energies are happening soon?


I am a firm believer that we are the Authors of our own lives. To that end, I won’t be dropping bombs of “this is what is going to happen.” My goal is to help you recognize that you are empowered, not to have you running for cover.

If there are challenging energies coming up for you, I'll help you feel informed and we'll talk about ways that you can be proactive. A rose has thorns. The challenging times of our lives hold wonderful fruit for us if we are open to growth.

I don’t believe that the future is set in stone. I believe that we have agency. I want to help you live in the vibration of what you want. So when it comes to prediction, I'll be clear about the energies that are lining up, but I won’t say that some specific thing “is going to happen TO you.”

You are a light. I'm just here to hold the mirror. 



I do a Journey before each reading to learn about the perspective of Spirit. Usually, I connect with Spirit Animals. During your session, I will share whatever information comes through. 


85 minutes

In-person (Brooklyn) or remote (phone or Skype)